Our Team

Mike Cool
Jeff Busse
Jennifer Gould
Ryan Ingram
Dale Fry
Mary Toffelmier
Steve Robinson
Jeremy Brinkerhoff
Jason Owens
Theresa Harcey
Wayne Doerkson
  • Mike Cool


    My name is Mike Cool and together with my family I am the Lead pastor at Lifepointe church. I am married to Alisa and have three children, Macy, Grant and Jaden. Alisa is a full time mom, worship pastor and owns her own Real Estate business. I came to the Prescott area in 1986 . I started full time ministry in 1990 and have been at Lifepointe church for 13 years. I enjoy sports of all kinds, flying, food and laughing and living life with friends! I have a passion to be a wholehearted follower of Christ, a husband that loves and honors his wife and a dad that passes on an authentic relationship with Jesus to my children! I believe God has called me to equipped and encourage the church to become the “movement” of Jesus Christ in our nation and around the world! My life verse is found in Matthew 6:33 – But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”! In essence the cause of my life is to carry on the cause of Christ in my generation!



  • Jeff Busse


    Hi, I'm Jeff and I'm married to my beautiful wife DiAnne. I met her in college and we have determined to live out God in our everyday life with our three kids, Bria, Allie, & Kayler. We are real, just like you - we run from event to event with our kids and try to keep up with life as a family. We have fun and enjoy being together. DiAnne and I started ministry in Washington State right out of college. We determined to be very real about life and transparent in ministry. A couple of years later, we came to Arizona to work in the family business for about eight years. Since that time we returned to pastoring and have set our focus on helping others find the incredible closeness and power of God in prayer, as well as teaching young adults core values to live life by through Lifepointe Vanguard Interns. We have three great kids that make life really fun and fresh. Di and I do what we do because we truly believe that when people really get what God is all about, no one in their right mind would would refuse His incredible offer of Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. We love to see people get out of lies and onto what they were created for... 

  • Jennifer Gould


    Jennifer Gould is our family/children's pastor who oversees all our children's ministries and family life.  She is married to Dave and a mom of 2 boys; one in high school and one in college.  She has been at Lifepointe since 2009. Jennifer is highly qualified & has experience as a Certified Elementary School Teacher as well as a 2 year certification from Portland Bible College.  She has a love for kids and a desire to see them fall in love with Jesus and equip them to be His hands and feet in their schools and communities.  She also has a deep desire to see the home as a refuge to families as they are restored and trained to be centered on Christ. 

  • Ryan Ingram


    My name is Ryan Ingram, and I am the youth pastor here at Lifepointe Church.  I’ve been married to a wonderful woman named Sarah for 5 years, and I have a sweet one year old named Elise. Sarah works part-time as a physical therapist and full-time as a mom.  I moved to Prescott Valley in 2010 to become a Math teacher at Bradshaw Mountain Middle School in Dewey.  I’ve been on staff at Lifepointe since the spring of 2013. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Colorado State University and am currently working on ministry credentials.  I love working with kids and am so excited to see the way God’s moving in the life of young people in the Quad City area. My heart’s passion is to see God impact the lives of our young people!  I love to see young people engaged in mentoring and disciple-making relationships with their peers and the generations ahead of them.  Most importantly, I love to see what mentoring relationships produce: mature followers of Jesus who actively love and serve a world that desperately needs to know God!

  • Dale Fry

    Groups Pastor

    After 36 years of working with State Farm Insurance, Dale decided to change directions and became Lifepointe’s Administrative Assistant in October of 2013.

    I am married to Carol and we have two daughters, Dena and DeAnne, along with 5 grandchildren, Joseph, Jordan, Tiffany, Jacob and Dale Michael.

    I have been a born again believer since age 10 and filled with the Holy Spirit for 43 years.

    My passion is serving/helping and enjoy being part of our church family.

  • Mary Tofflemire


    I love the Word of God and it is my passion that everyone would study it in depth. That is why I have been leading Precept for 10-years, as I feel it is the greatest way to learn and grow in His Word. So check it out at Lifepointe, and find a bible study that is right for you.

  • Steve Robinson


    Born and raised in Florida, Steve moved to Arizona in 2005. He is married to Lun and has three amazing and energetic children, Ethan, Emily and Elise.  Steve worked as an Associate Director of Facilities for a local university prior to coming on staff at Lifepointe in 2014. 

     Steve serves Lifepointe as the Young Adults Pastor and Facilities Director. He enjoys spending time with his family, music of all sorts, playing sports, reading and Italian Food.  Steve is a graduate of Southeastern University with degrees in Business Leadership and Pastoral Ministries. He is passionate about all sports Michigan and Florida (with the exception being FSU!).

  • Jeremy Brinkerhoff


    Hi I’m Jeremy Brinkerhoff. 

  • Jason Owens


    Hi I’m Jason Owens. 

  • Theresa Harcey


    Hi I’m Theresa Harcey.  My husband Mark and I have been involved in family support ministries, Christian Education, and foster/adopt care for many years. God’s given us the freedom to share His Word and goodness.  We love seeing eyes light up and hear questions about a story from God’s Word and then having a response that tells us they have grasped the truth!  Mark and I have been blessed with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. 

    I’m so blessed to have spent the last 17 years directing and teaching LifePointe’s Growing Kids Preschool. My desire is fulfilled in partnering with parents and seeing children of all ages grow to be mighty men and women for God.    


  • Wayne Doerkson


    Hi I’m Wayne Doerkson. 

Our Story


Bradshaw Mountain Christian Assembly was started through the faith of the founding pastors Leigh & Jodi Metcalf...

In September of 1997 we held our first unofficial meeting in our newly purchased 5 acres of property which included a feed store and a single wide mobile home. We were in the process of remodeling both when we held our first meeting with 40 people who were interested in becoming part of a new church. We held our “grand opening” service on November 7th with 126 people which was every chair we could fit in the building.  During the first six months we experienced a lot of growth and immediately began enlarging our sanctuary to seat 220 people.


Growing Kids Preschool

We also started “Growing Kids Preschool” and built a building for our preschool and Sunday children's ministry.


Building Again

After going to three weekend services we built a 17,000 sq. foot facility that included an 800 seat sanctuary, café, classrooms and offices and we purchased six additional acres for future growth.


Reaching Out

Part of our vision has always been to be a blessing to our community. One way of doing that was to open “Hopes Attic” Thrift Store with 5,000 square feet that generates funds that are used to help the community.


Sending out Springs Church

We have believed we could more effectively reach the Mayer & Spring Valley community where many families of our church live so we helped plant Springs Church at Mayer High School in Spring Valley.


Expanding Vision

We realized that the name Bradshaw Mountain is geographical to the Prescott Valley area and we needed to adjust our name to facilitate one common identity as a covering over all the ministries and locations, so we developed “Lifepointe Church" to prepare us for more church plants and/or campuses.